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Professional Standards Group

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If you believe the conduct of an employee was inappropriate, you may file an online complaint here. Anyone who files a complaint against a member of the Los Santos Police Department shall be treated with courtesy and respect.

the Professional Standards Group acts as the investigative arm of the Chief of Police (COP) with respect to employee misconduct. the P.S.G. is charged with the responsibility to monitor and maintain members' compliance with Department rules and procedures. It is guardian of Los Santos Police’s reputation.

What will happen to the Departmental Employee?
Depending on the action taken by the complainee, as Disciplines can range from reprimands through suspensions to termination, If the complainee acted criminal, he will be suspended on spot an be dealt with like any other civilian on court. If the behavior wasn't proper and disrespectful, the employee may be disciplined by the chief.

Who Files a complaint?
Any person who witnesses or has direct knowledge of police employee misconduct, may make a complaint with the Los Santos Police Department.

Who will investigate my complaint?
The Los Santos Police Department's investigators, the men and women who are assigned to the P.S.G. take their responsibilities seriously and are dedicated to the unit’s mission, that comprise the unit’s investigators apply
internally for the bureau and are selected based on their investigative skills.

Now it comes to understanding the process
  1. Filling and filing the complaint's format: Formats could be found and handed upon request at the LSPD's front desk.
  • Review: The chief of police or his assisstant will review your complaint personally. During this stage, employees will be interviewed and they will be required to answer questions. your complaint will be disapproved and you'ill be fined up to 2000 dollars if it's not sustained with enough evidence to approve allegations,
  • Discipline: now it comes to the disciplinary actions, the Chief of Police will define the penalty as it varies from a case to another, from an counseling session with the PSG's specialist to a dismissal
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